Endurance Drinks System

Endurance Drinks System

This unique system is designed for endurance racing and provides a hygienic and leak-free system of driver hydration on demand. The EDS range has been utilised by top LMP and GT teams and manufacturers at the Le Mans 24hr Race and ALMS events since its introduction in 2001. Bespoke versions have also been utilised by leading DTM manufacturers and F1 teams.

"An ultra lightweight quick change and reliable drinks system from a quality engineering company"

Allan McNish - Audi Sports 2011

Whether you're a professional racer, a dedicated track day participant, or an adrenaline junkie seeking optimal performance, the EDS Motorsport Drink System is crucial when you are pushing the limits on track.

In addition to the off-the-shelf standard product, we also create bespoke versions for OEMs such as Porsche, Audi in LMP and many works teams and race car manufacturers.

Remember, when it comes to performance, every detail matters. Choose Progressive Motorsports and elevate your motorsport experience with the EDS Motorsport Drink System.

Over 2500 units sold worldwide across works teams, race car manufacturers, from F1 to DTM and LMP, through to track day enthusiasts and sim racers.

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