Cooling, Heating and Conditioning

Cooling, Heating and Conditioning

Many of our projects involve the cooling and heating of critical systems on a race car.

This area of engineering has always been critical to high performance, and with the changes in technology and the advent of battery type power, all the more important. It is not just about heating and cooling, it is also the marginal gains obtained from conditioning the components to stay at the right temperature in demanding conditions.

For over 20 years we have led the way in this key area with the majority of top teams in F1 utilising our ancillary products for cooling, heating and conditioning.

We can deliver high performing solutions for the following

  • Hand held brake cooling
  • Modular cooling system
  • Engine water heaters
  • Engine oil heater
  • Gearbox oil heater
  • ERS (energy recover system) fluid conditioning
  • ECU cooling
  • Formula E dry ice battery cooling
  • Roll hoops and side pod fans
  • Integrated fuel cooling rigs

If it's cool we'll warm it, if it's warm we'll cool it - all systems need to be at their optimum temperature for performance.

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