Audi R8 LMP 900

Audi R8 LMP 900

The Audi R8 LMP 900 carries a rich racing heritage from the late 1990s to its final race win in 2006.

One of the most successful racers of all time winning Le Mans 24 between 2000 and 2005, broken by the Bentley Speed 8 in 2003, a car also restored by Progressive Motorsport.

Known for its legendary servicability including the capability to swap out the gear box in last than 5 minutes. This was later banned by the ACO regulations.

We converted it back to its original 2002 Joest livery alongside a complete restoration with no bolt left unturned, back to bare monocoque and untrasonically tested to ensure structural integrity.

At Progressive Motorsport our combined race winning experience puts us in an unrivalled position to work on your project. With an ethos founded on outstanding quality and performance achieved at the highest competittive level, which we carry forward on your restoration or improvement project.

We research the cars history to ensure we fully understand the heritage and specification and history. We strip every part of the car down to the component level and analyse its function to work out how to make it perfect again. This may be via restoration of the original part, a modification or rework, or by a new part we manufacture.

We believe in the importance of retaining the originality and original functionality where possible. 

No detail is too small and every opportunity is taken to deliver excellence.

Having run this car in 2004, after the restoration we can honestly say the car was better than original, due to the time and detail spent in restoration. 

The abilty to swap out the hinterwagen (back end) and easily change other critical components gave the Audi a serious competitive advantage. This was later banned by the ACO regulation.

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