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Progressive Motorsport provide a bespoke design service and are capable of projects varying from pit equipment to complete race car design.


Recent projects include:


  • Battery Powered Grid Fans:

Rechargeable battery powered grid fans for radiator ducts and roll hoop for cooling in garage and on the grid. This was a clean sheet design from a design brief simply requesting 'a compact rechargeable cooling system' for the F1 team.

A prototype was made using our in-house prototype machine for the client to test and approve the final design. The final product was then produced, images show the CAD model and final product.


The completed product produced nearly three times the flow rate compared to the teams' original 240V mains powered fans. The flow rate can be controlled using the rotary dial on the front - which in turn can increase battery life if needed.

For more images of the battery powered fans, click here for thedesign gallery


  • Complete overhaul of an F1 team's pit equipment including:


- Powerhoods

This was a complete overhaul of the team's existing powerhood, including new paint job to match the teams new colour scheme. Many new components were designed and manufactured for the project for the fully bespoke solution. A new wiring loom was manufactured and fitted with new air lines and retractable reels throughout.

Additional functionality was added with a revised traffic light system, integrated corner weight scale displays and serviced tyre warmer control with touch screen. The main input panel designed such that power, air and network was all supplied to the one panel for ease of installation.

The powerhood also went through a weight saving programme to reduce freight costs.

For more images of the serviced powerhood, click here for thedesign gallery