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The EDS Ultra is designed for racing in the harshest of environments. The main unit is made from carbon fibre and ABS plastic. The bottle, dry break fittings and pump have all been tested to withstand racing G forces. This all combines to give the driver an ultra-lightweight, reliable and quick change drink system. It is available in three different sizes to suit your requirement: 0.6Lt, 1.0Lt and 1.5Lt.

The EDS Ultra can be supplied with our standard mounting brackets however we can also manufacture custom brackets to your specific requirements.



EDS Ultra features:eds ultra 0.6

  • Compact and lightweight; complete weight including complete housing, bottle and bottle top
    • 0.6Lt (Sprint) = 386g
    • 1.0Lt (Endurance) = 439g
  • Quick change drinks bottle with dry-break connector.
  • Integrated "medical grade" positive displacement pump.
  • Simple to use and install.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Leak-free.
  • Bespoke mountings available on request.


We can provide the system in many configurations, two of which are outlined below. Please contact us if you have specific requirements.


Package Type
Endurance (2+ Drivers)
Sprint (1 Driver)
Series/Car Type
Prototype and GT
Touring / GT
0.6 / 1.0 / 1.5 lt
0.6 lt


  • 3 Driver drinks bottles with screw cap to required capacity.
  • 3 Bottle tops with quick release dry-break coupling.
  • 3 Crash helmet dry-break quick release couplings and tubing.
  • 2 Driver drinks bottles with screw cap - 0.6lt.
  • 2 Bottle tops with quick release dry-break coupling.
  • 1 Crash helmet dry-break quick release couplings and tubing.
  • 1 Pump/Bottle Holder, AS connector and dry-break couplings. Carbon Fibre and ABS plastic construction.
  • 1 Main delivery tube with quick release dry-break couplings and non-return valve.
  • 1 Service and draining kit.
  • 1 AS connector to fit into the car loom and connect to the main unit.
  • 1 AS connector heat shrink boot to fit above connector.
  • 4 Sterilising Tablets.
  • Insulation for all tubing.

The switch to operate the system is not included, nor is the wiring loom for the car. A 12v supply, via a switch (preferably steering wheel mounted) and fuse will need to be provided in the car. The correct AS connector, with heat-shrink boot, is provided for the installation.

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POA varies with capacity and installation requirements

Prices do not include VAT @ 20% or delivery. Payment is required at time of order. All prices are in GBP