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The EDS F1 is a further development of the EDS Formula, further streamlining the product by reducing weight and footprint whilst maintaining the core features of the EDS range.EDS Single Seater Package

Pump Housing
The pump is housed in an ABS plastic enclosure.
The pump unit can be mounted in 3 ways:
• Bolted using the 4 off M3 threaded inserts on the base.
• 3M Dual Loc on the flat base.
• Bespoke mounting methods can be incorporated to suit customer requirements.
The pump unit weighs 99g (complete as shown)
The electrical connector on the pump unit is Deutsch ASX002-03PN-HE
Current draw is approximately 400mA @ 12.5v dc.
The central hose barb labelled “OUT” connects to the “delivery hose”.
The off-set hose barb (not labelled) connects to the “drink bladder hose”.

Drink BladderEDS Single Seater Package
• 1.0 Ltr capacity supplied as standard.
• 1.8 Ltr capacity available as an option.
• 2.0 Ltr capacity available as an option.
• 3.0 Ltr capacity available as an option.
• Screw cap for filling with liquid.
• Male quick release dry break coupling built into the lid.
• Taste-free triple laminate material.EDS Single Seater Package
• Dimensions are approximate.

Standard Protective Cover
• Covers the 1.0 ltr drink bladder.
• Drawstring top.
• Material loop on end of cover to aid fixation.
• Material loops near opening to aid fixation.

Insulation Cover (optional)
• Covers the 1.0ltr drink bladder.
• Provides protection to the drink bladder.
• Provides insulation to the drink bladder.
• Velcro flap to allow easy removal of the drink bladder.
• Exposed connector for easy removal.
• 1 side covered with Velcro for attaching to the car.

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POA for EDS F1 and further details
Wiring harness prices vary
Prices do not include VAT @ 20.0% or delivery. Payment is required at time of order. All prices are in GBP