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Progressive Motorsport are producing lightweight carbon fibre bottles. Suitable for the Electronic Drink Systems (EDS) and Washer Bottle System (WBS) or to use as a standalone drinks bottle.

Carbon Bottle

Our Carbon Bottles are available in a variety of sizes with the possibility of custom volumes created depending on your requirements. They are based on the 3 different Sigg standard diameters: 71.0mm, 81.5mm, 92.0mm making them interchangeable in EDS and WBS systems with original aluminium bottles.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight – entirely made from carbon-fibre epoxy
  • Approximately 30% Lighter than aluminium equivalent
  • Capacities of 0.6ltr to 2.1ltr are available due to 3-piece construction
  • 3-Piece construction allows inside to be cleaned before bonding
  • 3-Piece construction results in a more hygienic internal surface finish
  • Accepts the same bottle top as the aluminium original from EDS and WBS systems
  • Bottle top thread is formed into the carbon fibre (not cut)
  • Main tube section is moulded from both sides (inside and out)
  • Top and bottom caps are moulded outside with intensifier inside face
Carbon Bottle

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POA for Carbon Bottles
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