Rapid PrototypingJune 2015 - A UK Distributor for Race Navigator

“The portable data recording system for your track days….”

The Race Navigator ONE offers drivers of sports cars as well as motorsports professionals an intuitively functioning system designed to record and analyse laps on the race track.

Please see the website for details and contact us for your requirements

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Rapid PrototypingFebruary 2015 - CNC Machine Shop Comissioned

Progressive opens up CNC Machine shop with support from ROMI






Contact us for your CNC requirements


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January 2015 - Progressive support Junior Triathlete, Trystan Barnett

Trystan is competing in the Junior Races Series. For more information please visit the link below



Triathlon England Website


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Rapid PrototypingJune 2014 - Rapid Prototyping Capacity Doubled

With the purchase of a second Hewlett-Packard Rapid prototyping machine, Progressive's production capacity has been doubled.

This results in turn-around times being faster than ever before allowing Progressive to cater perfectly to motorsport's time critical projects.

Rapid Prototyping Services


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Summer 2014 - Company Expansion Continues with Multiple New Employees

Progressive Motorsport continue to expand with several employees starting over the spring and summer months.


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January 2014 - Progressive Now Offer Laser Engraving and Ultrasonic Cleaning

Laser EngravingThe new year is welcomed with the purchase of new equipment and availability of new services.

  • Laser Engraving

We are able to offer precision laser engraving on all materials for labelling and Direct Part Marking (DPM).

Small components can be placed into the enclosure for engraving in a variety of colours or finishes and for larger components the head can be removed and parts be labelled remotely.

more details



  • Ultrasonic CleaningUltrasonic Cleaning

Progressive are able to provide Ultrasonic Cleaning for your requirements.

With a basket size of 380mm x 280mm x 170mm large components fit with ease.

more details




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5 February 2013 - EDS Ultra Sprint Package - Touring Car Specific System

Progressive Motorsport release a specific package for Touring and GT cars with single drivers.

The package contains the 0.6lt EDS system with two 0.6lt drink bottles for use while racing and one 1.0lt bottle for use whilst in the paddock to keep you fully hydrated.

For further details check it out here.


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30 August 2012 - All Carbon Fibre Bottles

Progressive Motorsport are now producing ‘all carbon fibre’  bottles in any capacity from 0.5 litre up to 2.0 Ltr.

These bottles, as pictured here with Allan McNish and Tom Kristensen, are direct upgrade replacements for the current ‘Aluminium bottle’ systems produced by Progressive.

The Carbon Bottle weight is 50% lighter than its Aluminium equivalent.
Please contact us for more details.
More details here.
More images here.

Progressive Motorsport All Carbon Bottles, Allan McNish and Tom Kristensen

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26 August 2012 - Progressive Motorsport at Silverstone FIA World Endurance Championship

Progressive Motorsport, a motorsport engineering, research and development company based in Brackley, helped the “factory” Audi sportscar team achieve top results in a prestigious race at Silverstone last weekend (26 Aug).

Six Progressive engineers and technicians were on hand to help the Audi team accomplish first and third placings in the Silverstone Six Hours – a round of the FIA World Endurance Championship.

The Northamptonshire company has been under contract to Germany’s Joest Racing to support their sportscar programme since 2006.

In that time, Progressive Motorsport has chalked 11 top-three rostrum finishes in the Le Mans 24 Hours with Audi including six outright race wins.

Progressive Motorsport, founded in 2004, is also involved in other motor racing categories including Formula One.

Left-to-right: David Brown, Peter Smith, Leena Gade, Kyle Wilson-Clarke, Howden Haynes and Justin Taylor

David Brown, Peter Smith, Leena Gade, Kyle Wilson-Clarke, Howden Haynes and Justin Taylor

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15 March 2012 - Blac - the fabulous story

Blac is a new innovative eyewear brand. Designer eyewear for men made in carbon and fibreglass with titanium strengthening. Carbon and fibreglass both have the unique texture, the lightness and the strength in common.

The fabulous story of Blac begins with designer Claus Bellinger and his fascination of McLaren’s carbon-composite MP4-1 chassis, which rocked the Formula 1 world at Silverstone in 1981. The MP4-1 was the first fully composite Formula 1 chassis, designed as a moulding, rather than the traditional series of flat aluminium panels mechanically fixed together. The reward for challenging conventional thinking was a gigantic leap in strength and stiffness that would revolutionise racing car design.

Through the years Claus Bellinger had wished to design a frame in a new and innovative material like carbon and fibreglass.

Carbon and fibreglass are used in products where lightness and strength are determining factors: Airplanes, Formula 1 race cars, motorcycles, boats, knee joints, surfboards, and windmills, in Space Travel Industry, Ray and Charles Eames’ Fibreglass Chair (1948) and in Verner Panton’s Chair Classic (1960). Producing frames in carbon and fibreglass is a great challenge because it can’t be bended or adjusted.

Claus Bellinger assembled a design team comprised of designers, technical engineers and inventors. Together they created a vision: The new eyewear brand should be masculine, light, strong and in new and innovative design. The breakthrough came when a member of the design team went to look at a Matra Murena, the carbon sports car with three seats produced from 1980-83, and in that connection saw some beautifully designed knee joints at a very carbon competent surgical appliance maker!

The design team decided to produce Blac in Denmark because the demands regarding quality, finish, and craftsmanship could not be satisfied elsewhere. The production of Blac is a complicated process because every model is handmade and requires a very high standard of tools and three-dimensional moulds. All Blac models are handmade in a machine factory in Aarhus, Denmark.

The fabulous story continues...


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22 August 2011 - Allan McNish promotes Silverstone ILMC event in Audi R8LMS


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29 June 2011 - Marino Franchitti launches Audi R8GT in Blyton Park for Audi UK with the R8LMS


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